Chaeri RyuChaeri Ryu spent her childhood living in South Korea before moving to the United States at the age of 12. After living in the U.S for nearly half of her life, she has a difficult relationship with her Korean identity. “If I had to go back now, I wouldn't recognize most of the place, because they have changed so much... I don't even think I could say that I'm from Korea anymore.

“Recently in Korea they started to have parades like [the Manhattan Pride Parade] too but because more than... I think more than 50% of the population is Christian based so they're against it... and I've seen news where there are protestors from church protesting against the parade... The city itself is evolving so quickly and fast, but their minds are staying [in place] the whole time.” Despite juggling school and work, Chaeri considers making time in her schedule to attend church again, and is hopeful that she will find a Christian community in Queens that is more accepting of LGBTQ practitioners.

Chaeri Ryu Photo Credit: Benjamin Gabet