Angel KinneyAngel Kinney grew up Christian in small towns in western Michigan. She went to church regularly with friends. Though her mom was casual about religion, her aunt was strict and devout. Even though Angel liked girls at a young age, she thought she was straight because “I'd never known that I could be anything else.“ When she moved to New York City in 2016 to complete high school, her outlook began to change. “Then I came to New York and New York is so accepting and welcoming. They welcome everyone no matter your religion, your sex, or your sexuality, and it taught me that I didn't have to like men, I didn't have to like women, I could do whatever I wanted… Because I was learning more about the LGBT community and understanding that there's not just straight and gay or straight and lesbian, there are so many different identities, and bisexual is the one that fits me best.”

Angel Kinney Photo Credit: Anthony Daley